ArcelorMittal Hunedoara S.A.

ArcelorMittal Europe Long Products


Business Name:

ArcelorMittal Hunedoara S.A.

Registered Office:
DJ 687- no 4
Hunedoara, code 331111, Hunedoara county,

Legal Status:
Joint Stock Company

Tax ID:

Trade Register:
J20 / 41 / 1991

Date of origin:

April 20, 2004

Largest shareholders:
ArcelorMittal Holdings AG (96,4062 % share)
other legal entities (3,0211 % share)
other individuals (0,5727 % share)

Core Business:
Production activities of the company are focusing mainly on production and processing of hot metal and steel and rolled products production. The largest share of rolled products is represented by long rolled products.